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Randy Quaid ‘crazy’ estate theft claims parallel legal abuse, probate corruption seen nationwide

…some would say “can’t happen,” but did.  They illustrate the danger probate actions can pose to an unsuspecting public – to folks in the entertainment industry and anywhere else. Connecticut: Josephine Smoron, an elderly Connecticut woman, believed estate planning documents would ensure her longtime caretaker Sam Manzo’s inheritance of Smoron’s 80-acre farm and cows valued at more than $1 million.  Recognizing local intere…


Election brings consolidation of CT probate courts, other reforms

…ned staff. New judges also are undergoing training before they take office, Killian said. In addition, people who are appointed as conservators will receive more training. In the widely publicized case involving the Josephine Smoron estate in Southington this year, questions arose about actions taken by her conservators. Knierim said plans to improve training for conservators predated that controversy. Many of the probate districts that are being…


Probate articles discussed on Rule of Law Radio’s Live and Let Live

As a follow-up to tonight’s interview with Gary Johnson on Live and Let Live, a broadcast on the Rule of Law Radio network, here are links to the articles discussed: Britney Spears’ conservatorship blocks marriage option and more EoD news archive links for Britney Spears’ conservatorship Connecticut estate case exposes inheritance rights realities EoD news archive links for Josephine Smoron estate dispute…


Rick Green on GAO report

…or to place a Michigan woman in a nursing home here, severing her ties to friends, family and her considerable fortune. More recently, there is the case of Sam Manzo, the Southington caretaker who was due to inherit Josephine Smoron’s farm — until a conservator rewrote the elderly woman’s will as she lay dying and never bothered to tell her. Judge Bryan Meccariello, who approved the scheme, was forced to withdraw as a candidate for re…


Live and Let Live (June 5, 2011)

Lou Ann Anderson Live and Let Live (June 5, 2011) Lou Ann Anderson, creator and online producer of, joined host Gary Johnson on Live and Let Live, a program broadcast on the Rule of Law Radio network, to discuss the implications of Britney Spears’ ongoing conservatorship (guardianship) as well as the Josephine Smoron estate case out of Connecticut.  Click here for more information on these cases. Live and Let Live 110605…

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