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ABA reports on CT estate looting case

Newspaper: ‘Weak-Kneed’ Discipline Council Stumbled in Probate Judge Matter Martha Neil October 4, 2010 ABA Journal In a 2004 will, Josephine Smoron left almost all her considerable assets, which included a dairy farm, to her longtime caretaker. A subsequent estate document in 2006 explained that she had expressly disinherited severa…


CT sports complex plans stalled by exposure of estate looting action

Southington council approves extension of sewer lines, proposed sports complex in limbo Diane Church September 28, 2010 The Bristol Press SOUTHINGTON — The Town Council approved a $225,000 bond to extend the sewer lines to an undeveloped part of town. The line will extend 455 feet from the intersection of Smoron Drive and Spring Street, across the Quinnipiac River…


EoD on CT probate abuse case

Rick Green is always on the mark with his probate system observations and this week’s column is no exception.  Connecticut probate court system leaders have censured (i.e., slapped on the wrist) Southington Probate Judge Bryan F. Meccariello for coordinating the looting of an elderly woman’s estate.  Though the woman, Josephine Smoron, clearly intended to leave her estate to her longtime caretaker, Meccariello functionally hijacked t…


A few quick things

…tions occur, we won’t be letting up on this topic. While on corruption, yesterday we posted an article that profiled Carl Verderame, the developer seeking to enforce a sales contract on land having belonged to Josephine Smoron, a Connecticut woman whose estate was hijacked by the state’s probate system.  Sam Manzo, Smoron’s designated heir, is still fighting for the farm to which he is entitled as per Smoron’s properly-pre…


Good riddance Judge Meccariello!

Connecticut Probate Judge Bryan Meccariello has dropped his bid for re-election in light of being censured by the state probate council with regard to the estate of Josephine Smoron.  The judge blatantly disregarded Smoron’s estate plan.  He showed complete disrespect for her final wishes, he diverted property away from her intended beneficiaries and stands as an example of leadership in a court-sanctioned organized looting racket designed…

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