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Flashback two: Dallas’ Hunt family saga

…20;T€VbCrLf intersection. Instead of turning left or right, he drove into a white clapboard house at 65 mph. A man inside ran out the back as Al III came through the front. The windshield shattered, and wooden beams shot like spears toward Al III’s face. He was taken to the hospital and then arrested. Al III didn’t fully comprehend what had happened until a few days later, when he went to the scene of the crash and the wrecking yard. His mother a…


Decision on GA estate dispute

…n challenged the amendments, depicting Melican as a canny manipulator who used sex and alcohol to influence Strother into changing his will. In Monday’s opinion, justices pointed to testimony from Bonnie Gordon and Amie Spears Lockett, former nurses of Strother, who admitted they signed off as witnesses to the changes of his will though they never saw Strother himself sign the document. Melican’s camp argued the women simply forgot th…

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