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Probate articles discussed on Rule of Law Radio’s Live and Let Live

As a follow-up to tonight’s interview with Gary Johnson on Live and Let Live, a broadcast on the Rule of Law Radio network, here are links to the articles discussed: Britney Spears’ conservatorship blocks marriage option and more EoD news archive links for Britney Spears’ conservatorship Connecticut estate case exposes inheritance rights realities EoD news archive links for Josephine Smoron estate dispute…

Share finds variety of probate abuse news to share

Interesting things happening of late in the world of estate abuse and probate corruption.  A couple of days ago we published a blog posting from what appears to be a Britney Spears fan site that featured observations and predictions on the future of actress Lindsay Lohan in light of past experiences and associations of Spears.  The piece talks about Spears’ conservatorship and predicts the same could be ahead for Lohan.  A conservatorship…


Adult guardianships: how the probate system trumps “unalienable rights”

…stem that values legal gamesmanship and cronyism, not right and wrong. Guardianships/conservatorships are currently in the news with speculation that actress Lindsay Lohan could soon be conserved while rumors indicate Britney Spears might be released from hers. Under such a status, a person cannot enter into a contract. They typically lose access to and control of their financial assets and physical property. They can make no decisions regarding…


Amanda Bynes ‘refutes conservatorship claims’

…eaking to inanimate objects”. A conservatorship happens when a court declares a person unable to take care of legal and personal matters and appoints another individual, known as a conservator, to do so instead. Britney Spears’ affairs have been in the hands of a team including her father Jamie Spears since her high-profile breakdown in 2008. Attribution: Amanda Bynes ‘refutes conservatorship claims’ September 18, 2012 Bel…


Guardianships in the news

Guardianships in the news: Octomom, Jackson, Spears and more Lou Ann Anderson July 30, 2009 Despite Terry Hammond, a Texas attorney and executive director of the National Guardianship Association (NGA), being nominated but not yet appointed as guardian of the estate for the children of Octomom Nadya Suleman, Hammond and his industry will likely have no shortage of work.  The numbers of guardianship cases seem to be growing…

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