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Former court-appointed guardian charged with Grand Larceny (NY)

…ng and ultimate breach of his fiduciary duties as the court-appointed guardian and trustee of the estate of various incapacitated persons. In 2011, in two separate cases, Matter of Jones 2011 NY slip Op 50501(U) and Matter of Josephine R., 2011 NY Slip OP 51046(U), Mr. Jones was found to have abused his role as fiduciary. In Matter of Jones, Mr. Jones served as the court appointed trustee and guardian for Mr. Roy L., an incapacitated person who w…


EoD’s take on today’s estate news stories

A few quick comments on EoD news articles posted today. WZTV Nashville has now also reported on the Raymond Simmons estate which appears to have largely been squandered by its former executor.  We’re glad exposure of this case continues and hope it will continue serving as a warning of the relative ease with which estates can be looted. The same can be said of the Smoron case in Connecticut.  The Hartford Courant published a great Letter t…


Another CT probate case to watch

…ld me. “There are people my age … who want to live independently and who want to be left alone. I am not going to sit down and let this happen. “The conservator abuse is usually caused by money. Look at Miss Smoron down in Southington,” Prague said about the infamous case where, at the behest of a rogue conservator, a judge changed the will of a dying woman to benefit a developer. “Who do these probate judges think t…


CT developer is capable, successful and very private

…basketball courts, batting cages and other amenities. The location off Spring Street is visible from Interstate 84. The sports complex would be built on land owned by Edward Delahunty of New Britain. Ownership of the adjacent Smoron Farm is being contested in New Britain Probate Court. The two properties cover 90 acres but Carl Verderame III said in 2009 that the sports complex would only take up about 20 acres. The remaining land could house sim…


Government Gone Wild! exposes new ‘special interest’ group

…a appears to have hijacked James Brown’s “I Feel Good” Trust and even redistributed estate assets to heirs previously disinherited by the Godfather of Soul.  In Southington, CT, Sam Manzo is still fighting for the Smoron Farm, a dairy farm left to him in a properly executed will, but diverted by local government to a local developer with plans for a sports complex. That’s what the growth of government has to do with probate.  An…

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