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From Colorado

I hope my story ‘fits in’ with others told here, because I WAS the Guardian.  My spouse was left incapacitated over 12 years ago.  After inpatient rehab in a specialized facility, he came home with me where I cared for him with very little professional help (I wanted the privacy and was young enough to Keep Reading…


From Minnesota

Anyone thinking of using the fiduciary services of Professional Fiduciary, Inc. (PFI) should read the front page article on the Sunday February 16, 2009 STAR TRIBUNE detailing how over $600,000.00 was taken from the estate of an 80-year old widow. When the money was all gone – including $100,000.00 spent on attorneys – PFI resigned, Keep Reading…


From California

If any of  your readers are trying to determine how much money may be missing from an estate, or where assets may be located, I want to let them  know that the IRS has a provision that allows heirs, beneficiaries, and family members of decedents full access to the all of  decedents income tax returns.  Keep Reading…


From Washington

Hello Thank you for the work you are doing. The attachment is a letter to Spokane County Commissioner Steven Grovdahl. He and any number of people have received it as per its date. The letter reveals a chronology of occurrences that happened in my mother’s case. My mother was afflicted with dementia. I’d like to Keep Reading…


From Canada

I just wanted to congratulate you on the extremely professional site that you have developed to address the problem of guardianship abuse. I am in the midst of dealing with the court system in my attempt to regain control over my incapable husband’s assests.  The power of attorney that he made prior to his illness Keep Reading…

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