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From Rhode Island

My 96 year old Grandmother lived in Hopkinton, Rhode Island with her son. At some point, her son was incapable of taking care of his Mother, so the state of Rhode Island appointed a state appointed attorney as her legal guardian. My Grandmother had an estate that sits on 8 acres of land and was Keep Reading…


From Connecticut

Governor, please make Connecticut safe for elders My elder mother, Kingsley Hubby, residing in CT, has been subjected to state sanctioned exploitation, which is common in Connecticut, documented in Ron Winter’s book, Granny Snatching. New Yorker, Dan Gross, drove to CT for a visit, became sick and was hospitalized and imprisoned in a nursing home, Keep Reading…


From North Carolina/New York

Thank you for your site, estate of denial. I am currently being victimized by the executrix of my Father’s estate (my Sister!), and can’t seem to find any real help other than attorneys who ask way more than I can currently afford in retainers. Since finding out that I am searching for legal assistance, the Keep Reading…


From Washington

Please read this link and think about your parents, yourself and your friends. Guardianships have to be banned. You don’t have to be elderly or a disadvantaged child, you may be ill with cancer or even a heart condition, traumatized by the loss of a child, a spouse or a parent.  If you take everything Keep Reading…


From Hawaii

I enjoyed looking over your website. I just witnessed what no one in their lifetime should. The financial abuse of my father by step sisters and his wife of 10 years…who married him late in age. All of a sudden, the massive amounts of money that was left for my father by my grandparents were Keep Reading…

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