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Flashback: San Antonio probate courts exposed (TX)

A couple of 2006 media items on the San Antonio probate courts were recently called to our attention.  While these items are a few years old, the players mentioned are still in position.  One has to wonder if when the court opens tomorrow, business as usual will entail some unusual business. From an Oct. 31, Keep Reading…


Dispute over Rajbansi will (RSA)

For the evil-America-has-cornered-the-market-on-greed-and-corruption crowd, here’s a little reminder that greed and corruption – including through probate disputes – abounds throughout the world.  Here’s a recent example from the Republic of South Africa: There is a dispute over which of veteran politician Amichand Rajbansi’s four wills is valid, according to a report on Sunday. Rajbansi’s family Keep Reading…


Michigan attorney seeking public access to court proceeding videos

When courts refuse transparency as being called for below, taxpayers should question why publically-funded venues resist transparency: 3/24/12 – A Howell attorney is asking the presiding judge of Livingston County’s circuit, district and probate court systems that video recordings of court proceedings be made available to the public. Tom Kizer of the Kizer Law Firm Keep Reading…


Family takes issue with Michigan estate recovery laws

A new dispatch from the Land of the Gimme-Gimmes and the Home of the I-Want-Mores.  Wouldn’t we all like to keep our property for ourselves rather than use it for cost of living expenses like nursing home care?  But that’s not the real world.  And don’t think Medicaid planning is the answer!  If that’s your Keep Reading…


Falkenberg: Residency case tests wherewithal (TX)

This is a great Houston Chronicle op-ed on a situation we’ve found most interesting here in our home state of Texas: In politics, candidate residency disputes are generally the stuff of tedious civil court filings and trite campaign attack mailers. Questioning whether a person actually lives in the district in which he or she is running Keep Reading…

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