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The tricks of the trade

Estate of Denial regularly enjoys attorney John Browning’s Legally Speaking columns that are posted at Dallas Blog (  Mr. Browning’s latest piece entitled “The Tricks of the Trade” ( discusses how and why many people associate trickery and deception with the legal profession.  Readers of this web site know that lawyers are often important components Keep Reading…


Let the looting begin?

We hope that’s not the case, but these latest articles on Britney Spears’ conservatorship status are cause for concern.  Considering the nature of the issues in dispute, two different courts requiring psychiatric evaluations doesn’t seem inappropriate ( Why, however, can they not coordinate a single evaluation to be used in both venues?  Both courts are working within Keep Reading…


Slow justice system aids those seeking to loot assets

This elder financial exploitation story out of North Carolina accentuates some important points to keep in mind when dealing with or trying to understand (good luck!) Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) actions.  First, if an IRA target is a live elderly person, asset poachers recognize the advantage to draw out proceedings so as to hopefully Keep Reading…


“Grave” problems ahead: looting assets of the dead and disabled

This column is an adaptation of a previous piece entitled “’Grave’ Problems in Texas.”  The original piece is archived at  Besides introducing the concept of Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA), this condensed piece also provides a valuable overview regarding the instruments often used in IRA actions.       “Grave” Problems Ahead:  Looting Assets of the Dead and Disabled  Lou Keep Reading…


Fraudsters, even family members, prey on elderly

“You would not believe some of the stuff we see.” Those are the comments of an Ottawa detective assigned to her department’s elder abuse section.  The article below once again provides great examples of the same type cases that occur daily in the U.S.  The Canadian press appears to write regularly on this topic.  The American press Keep Reading…

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