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From Massachusetts

My son, a minor and I are involved in a nightmare ordeal, due to MA attorneys and Cambridge probate court. We are out of state residents.  My husband was “owner” of MA real estate.  He died unexpectedly years ago. The self dealing manager of my husband’s property forced us into MA probate court for bogus Keep Reading…


From California

Estate of Denial was copied on the following two letters written in May 2008 by William Roberts of Chico, CA.  The first was directed to governmental officials – both elected and otherwise -  at the state and national levels.  These officials included President Bush, Vice President Cheney and other California state administration members.  The second Keep Reading…


From Indiana

Thanks for taking the time to write, well it all started in 2003, and continues to this day.  The guardian has my parents hid now and I haven’t seen them for going on 2 years now, and that’s hard to deal with. My parents now have a great grandson who they’ve never seen and more Keep Reading…


From Louisiana

Here’s a link to a site devoted to my late father: While it is not emphasized therein, my father and step-mother contracted by matrimonial agreement to forgo the establishment of community property and to reserve to themselves their respective assets. A corrupt lawyer, currently a judge, crafted new wills when my father and step-mother Keep Reading…


From Washington

I live in Washington State.    My parents established a trust in 1997 and named my brother, Paul Reynolds, as the successor trustee.  I was named as HCPOA.    Starting in 2004, my brother took over the checkbook and has not allowed anyone see how he is spent dad and mom’s money.   (There is a requirement that Keep Reading…

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