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From California

Hello, This all takes place in Northern California. Our mother has had an incredible scheme run on her estate by 2 very sick and unscrupulous people – her boyfriend and his daughter who is a professional at IRA and their lawyer from San Jose has a reputation for doing anything to make a buck. Not Keep Reading…


From Nevada

When I was going through this (guardianship) nightmare with my dad, I was amazed at how many other people had experienced the same tactics used against them.  His case started in Ca. but then moved to Nevada. It was an absolute nightmare and robbed my dad of the peace he deserved in what should have Keep Reading…


More from an EoD reader

Lack of recourse for person under predatory state guardianship Name Withheld Spring 2010 Feeding the Hungry Early this spring I read that the Meals on Wheels Program has set a goal to end senior hunger by the year 2020.  With a study showing 6 million senior citizens at risk of hunger in the U.S., they Keep Reading…


From an EoD reader

My mother is a victim of hostile predatory guardianship, having had her estate documents canceled unlawfully, which has damaged her and family members and others.  She adopted 8 children after I was born, and 4 of them have now banded together, with the guidance of a “quasi-legal” cousin from out of state, to use the Keep Reading…


From Texas

GRADE (Guardianship Reform Advocates for the Disabled and Elderly) has put together these links as a representation of their focus: For more information on GRADE, contact:

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