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Former Irving mayor promotes seniors shifting property tax burden to non-seniors (TX)

Former Irving Mayor Herbert Gears, again running for mayor, is urging seniors’ use of a little-known Texas state law to stop paying taxes on their homes and thereby shift new tax burdens to non-seniors. Akin to Obamacare being a program based on the young and healthy financing the health care of the old and poor, Keep Reading…


Since governments don’t, Tell the Truth Texas offers complete guide to bond elections, local debt

As the May 10 election approaches, many local government entities – school districts, cities, counties, community colleges, health/hospital districts, water districts and authorities along with other special purpose districts – are seeking new debt via bond elections. With voters paying little attention to these elections, debt levels have risen to a point of threatening not Keep Reading…


Belton resident claims city trashing rights over mandated garbage service (TX)

To what extent should government be able to compel the public to pay for city-provided services? And what if those services aren’t being provided at an acceptable performance level or at a reasonably competitive price? Belton resident Joe Trevino Jr. is facing such a dilemma over his city’s garbage and recycling collection. In early April, Keep Reading…


Millennials poised to drive second-wave libertarianism into mainstream politics

Supporting the convention theme of Generation Liberty!, Alexander McCobin, founder and current executive director of Students for Liberty (SFL), discussed the future of liberty at the recent Libertarian Party of Texas state convention in Temple. In the building of a movement, McCobin spoke of how libertarians have been closed off. He acknowledged movement members are Keep Reading…


New state economic performance ranking shows Texas’ best, worst tax policy

As each April 15 prompts Americans to focus attention on federal income tax returns, this day also brings opportunity to discuss state-level tax policy, its impact on a state’s economic outlook ranking and the long-term growth prospects it creates. States implementing onerous tax codes often learn just how prone taxpayers are to “voting with their Keep Reading…

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