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Predatory practices and places

Where the Looters and the Poachers Stalk Prey:  Guarding Your Estate in the 21st Century Lou Ann Anderson July 11, 2008 “The ‘Greatest Generation’ is the greatest generation to exploit.”  This quote by Chayo Reyes, a retired LAPD Specialist in Elder Fraud, from a new DVD entitled Saving Our Parents appropriately depicts increasing yet Keep Reading…


American Dream by hook or crook

By Hook or Crook, the American Dream Remains a Desirable Goal Lou Ann Anderson June 7, 2008 The American Dream is a desirable goal for many in this country.  However, as attainment by “hook” or some fair, legitimate means becomes more of a challenge, “crook,” or by any means necessary, appears to be gaining Keep Reading…


Common threads run between guardian abuse and FLDS children’s cases

Guardian Abuse Cases Foreshadow FLDS Children’s Plight Lou Ann Anderson May 2, 2008 “Can you imagine the government coming in and taking over the lives of all those people?”  This question was posed by a talk radio listener with regard to the Texas raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Keep Reading…


Your town, USA – a great place to live, launch and loot?

Your Town, USA – a Great Place to Live, Launch and Loot? Lou Ann Anderson April 4, 2008 A recent Central Texas newspaper article touted Georgetown, Texas, as number two on the Fortune Small Business list of “100 best places to live and launch.”  This ranking identified towns having the “best mix of business Keep Reading…


“Grave” problems ahead

“Grave” Problems Ahead:  Looting Assets of the Dead and Disabled Lou Ann Anderson March 8, 2008 Grave robbers.  Tomb raiders.  Cronies who plunder and rape estates.  These are characterizations used to describe experiences in probate systems across the U.S.   Guardianships, trusts and wills are vehicles commonly used to perpetrate Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) actions.  Keep Reading…

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