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Questions continue as bikers call for action, release of those jailed (TX)

The national media has moved on from the deadly May 17 brawl at Waco’s Twin Peaks that left nine dead, 18 wounded and more than 170 individuals jailed on $1 million bond. Local interest, however, remains and as the “bikers being bad” narrative originally put forth continues wearing increasingly thin and the biker community along Keep Reading…


Texas counties pioneer Social Security reform

Don’t be fooled! Social Security can be reformed. Three Texas counties have decades-long track records in having done so. From Watchdog Arena: Social Security reform provides a fertile battleground of contention as the administration of President George W. Bush learned with its 2005 effort. Since then, Democrats have offered no reforms to ensure the program’s Keep Reading…


Waco shootout creates new legal battles (TX)

The Waco shootout may have only lasted minutes. Its repercussions are likely to endure for years. From Watchdog Arena: The Waco Twin Peaks has been cleared as a crime scene, but the financial and legal aftermath of the May 17 shootout that left 9 dead and 18 wounded is only beginning. The nature of that Keep Reading…


Millennial malaise – the betrayal of America’s young

New college graduates face economic uncertainty thanks both to a lackluster economy and often, their own student debt. What isn’t so well acknowledged is the legacy of financial instability they’re inheriting thanks to imprudent public policies and associated actions of prior generations. And don’t point that finger of blame solely at government. Every time parents Keep Reading…


‘Clinging to guns, religion’ – or what some call freedom (TX)

Odd that freedom from intrusive government can be so controversial. From Watchdog Arena: Some call it “clinging to our guns and religion,” some call it exercising our constitutional rights. Either way, movement last week on religious and gun rights measures in the Texas Legislature signals progress in maintaining important freedoms. Read more at Watchdog Arena.

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