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Rick Green on probate injustice

…probate court leaders when the Southington flim flam was onfolding. Meccariello allowed a dying woman’s will to be gutted, removing Sam Manzo as beneficiary and paving the way for a local developer to acquire Josephine Smoron’s coveted farmland. Manzo, the longtime caretaker of the Smoron farm, tried repeatedly to get the probate court administrator’s office to step in. Manzo, with no money and little knowledge of probate, even…


CT probate judge withdraws from race; church beneficiary status to be examined

Nugent asks for hearing on validity of trusts Mary Ellen Godin September 28, 2010 The Record-Journal (CT) SOUTHINGTON –Attorney John T. Nugent the former conservator for Josephine Smoron, has asked the probate court for a hearing on three churches’ request to decline interest in two trusts he created. The trusts, created weeks before she died…


Judge rules in favor of caretaker in Smoron farm case (CT)

A Superior Court judge has vacated court orders that prevented a Southington woman from leaving her estate to her caretaker, sending the long-simmering Smoron Farm controversy back to Probate Court. The decision this week by Judge William H. Bright means that Sam Manzo may finally inherit the ramshackle 90-acre farm — valued at about $1 million — that Josephine Smoron bequeathed to him in two wills, one in 2004 and another in 1996. Bright’…


Another “grubby tale” from CT probate

Inheritance Case: Another Grubby Tale From Probate Court Rick Green March 5, 2010 The Hartford Courant,0,4129040.column Shortly before 92-year-old Josephine Smoron died last June, Southington Probate Judge Bryan F. Meccariello approved a dramatic change to her will, handing her property to three local churches and bypassing her longtime caretaker. Sam Manzo, caretaker for near…


Southington probate court v. Smoron cows: government attempts taking the cows’ home (CT)

…rator, and his “probate system” enjoy attaboys and high fives for a job well done with their new children’s probate court, let’s not forget that a few miles outside Hartford is Southington, home to the Smoron farm – the target of an egregious estate looting action which serves as another important testament to the Connecticut probate system’s effectiveness, credibility and integrity. How wonderful that the chil…

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