Estate of Denial news clips (11/08/17)

Grampa’s gone but his heirs are now in Westminster gym’s corner (CA)

Los Angeles Times

October 26, 2017

At only 5 foot 2, Jessica Rangel stands tall at Grampas Boxing Gym in Westminster.

Chiseled, tattooed arms feature inked images of what matters most to her: boxing gloves and her grandparents.


Court rejects Boca attorney’s efforts to have Trump declared unfit (FL)

Palm Beach Post

October 26, 2017


A Boca Raton lawyer’s quixotic legal battle to have President Donald Trump declared unfit for office may be over.

The 4th District Court of Appeal on Thursday rejected attorney James Herb’s appeal of a Palm Beach County circuit judge’s decision that found his petition “wholly without merit.” The West Palm Beach-based appeals court offered no explanation for why it rejected Herb’s appeal, simply affirming Circuit Judge Jaimie Goodman’s November ruling.


Petition Denied to Remove Wilmington Trust as the Trustee of du Pont Family Trusts (DE)

October 26, 2017

Wilmington Trust serves as the sole trustee for certain du Pont Family Trusts established in the 1940s and 1950s. For many years, Wilmington Trust was closely associated with the du Pont family, and was managed in part by family members. Following the near collapse of its business in the 2008 financial crisis, Wilmington Trust was acquired by M&T Bank. Today, Wilmington Trust is a wholly-owned subsidiary of M&T Bank, and no member of the du Pont family serves on Wilmington Trust’s board. In 2013, at the prompting of the current trusts’ beneficiary, Douglas du Pont, Wilmington Trust agreed to modify the trusts to authorize Mr. du Pont to serve as the “Investment Direction Advisor” for the trusts’ assets, which limited Wilmington Trust to a principally ministerial role in the trusts’ on-going administration. In October 2016, alleged tensions between Mr. du Pont and Wilmington Trust led Mr. du Pont to petition the Court of Chancery to seek to remove Wilmington Trust as the trustee altogether, and to appoint a successor trustee.


No absolute privilege for an informant who is not a potential witness in civil proceedings (CH)


October 27, 2017

In a recent judgment CHANG WA SHAN v ESTHER CHAN PUI KWAN(CACV 240/2015, 8 September 2017), the Court of Appeal examined a novel situation in Hong Kong: whether absolute privilege should cover a person who is not a potential witness, but provides relevant information for possible use in civil proceedings. The Court of Appeal unanimously held that it should not.

It was the Plaintiff’s appeal from a judgment which upheld the Defendant’s primary defence on the ground of absolute privilege and dismissed the Plaintiff’s claim for slander and malicious falsehood (the action).