Estate of Denial news clips (10/20/17)

Hefner Timed Death to Launch Playboy Reboot for Modern Era

Wealth Advisor

October 1, 2017

Don’t believe the hype that says he died broke. The Playboy mogul always had an ironclad estate plan in place, and now there’s a succession to match.

Hugh Hefner had all the pieces of a dynastic succession in place a quarter century ago. It took the last few months to fill in the last details.

The last phase started with selling the iconic Playboy Mansion for what might have actually been a windfall price of $100 million, liberating a lot of room on the company balance sheet.


There’s a legal way for someone to take your home, your stuff, and your money — but everyone ignores the two documents that can help keep you safe

Markets Insider

October 8, 2017

It could happen to anyone.

For 12 years, April Parks showed up at strangers’ homes, court documents in hand, informing them they could no longer care for themselves, and that she would be taking over their financial and medical decision making.

Parks and her workers would identify these people through physicians’ offices and rehabilitation centers, arrive unannounced, whisk them away, and take inventory of their possessions, according to a harrowing report from The New Yorker‘s Rachel Aviv. Parks is accused of selling their property, cars, and belongings, and transferring their cash to a bank account in her name. All the while billing them an hourly rate for her services.


Bill on Guardianship Abuse Goes to Trump—But What Does it Actually Fix?

Activist Post

October 8, 2017

Senate Bill 178, The Robert Matava Elder Abuse Prosecution Act of 2017, has passed both the Senate and House and has gone to the President for signing into law. The Bill contains provisions on multiple issues involving abuse of older people, including telemarketing scams and elders incarcerated in foreign countries.

The Bill also takes a stab at addressing guardianship abuse, which has now become rampant in the US. This sort of elder abuse, however, involves multiple levels of government officials, including judges, officers of the court, non-responsive APS and police agencies, as well as already documented complicity by the very Department of Justice which is now mandated with investigating these crimes.


Conference raises awareness of elder abuse (TX)

El Paso Inc.

October 9, 2017

Adult Protective Services held the 10th annual Crimes Against the Elderly Conference Sept. 26 at the Region 19 Education Service Center.

About 650 people attended the free event, which included experts who spoke on how to protect seniors and disabled adults, white-collar crimes that target the elderly, guardianship abuse and mental health.