Estate of Denial news clips (10/06/17)

Landmark verdict: Jury awards $16.4M in guardianship case (FL)

August 4, 2017

Palm Beach Post

Advocates for guardianship reform clamored in vain for years that Florida’s system failed to properly protect incapacitated seniors, that its primary purpose had been perverted to line the pockets of greedy attorneys and professional guardians with the hard-earned life savings of the elderly.

Now they can point to a new federal verdict awarding a whopping $16.4 million in a lawsuit claiming that two West Palm Beach attorneys breached their fiduciary duties while running up “unnecessary and excessive fees” of $1 million.


Connie Dabate’s Estate Down To $6.42; Judge Wants To Question Husband (CT)

Hartford Courant

September 27, 2017

A probate judge wants to question Richard Dabate on why his slain wife’s estate is worth only $6.42.

The new accounting was filed recently by Connie Dabate’s sister, who was appointed executor in May. Probate Judge O. James Purnell III had ordered Richard Dabate to appear to answer questions about the estate, which Dabate had indicated in a document filed a month after his wife’s death was worth about $77,000. A hearing was scheduled for Wednesday, but has been postponed.


Here’s What You Need To Know About The Estate Tax and Family Farmers

The Federalist

September 28, 2017

At an Indiana rally Wednesday, President Trump talked in length about congressional Republicans’ new tax plan—one that would cut both corporate and individual rates, and eliminate the “estate tax” (often referred to as the death tax), which taxes the estate of a person before it’s passed on to his or her children.

At the rally, Trump introduced Kip Tom, “a family farmer,” to his audience. Tom’s family has been farming, Trump said, for 187 years. “That could come to an end because of the death tax or the estate tax,” he said.