Estate of Denial news clips (6/5/17)

Memorial Day misery: Disabled veteran seeks missing funds, sues VA-appointed fiduciary (TN)

The Commercial Appeal

May 28, 2017

As he faces another Memorial Day, Ronald White’s life remains a “blessed’’ struggle. The 69-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran walks with a cane these days. He’s had to move from his house into a group home.

But his biggest worries remain the financial stress caused when a fiduciary assigned by the Department of Veterans Affairs — a stranger he’s met only a handful of times — allegedly misappropriated a chunk of his savings.


Your Money: Where there’s a will … there’s a family row waiting to happen (UK)

Irish Independent

May 28, 2017

Families can be torn apart by wills. Ill-thought out, poorly communicated, and indeed absent wills can trigger major family rifts – particularly where property or land is involved, as is often the case with Irish families.

Even seemingly fair wills can lead to deep divisions. “I’ve seen very unfair wills and I’ve seen wills that appear to be fair and yet still cause rifts,” said Mura Browne, a solicitor with Browne & Co Solicitors in Letterkenny.


Zimbabwe: Family Dispute Over Farm Sucks in Lawyer

May 30, 2017

A Harare lawyer has been sucked into an estate dispute after a 90-hectare farm was allegedly undervalued in a bid to avoid paying fees to the Master of the High Court.

Seven members of the Chitenderu family accuse their cousin, Largenote, and the executor of the estate, Mr Martin Murimambeva of Mapaya and Partners, of forging their signatures and undervaluing the Chitenderu Family Trust property.


Family of missing Waterville child Ayla Reynolds has September hearing for death declaration (ME)

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

May 30, 2017

More than five years after toddler Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her Waterville home, triggering the largest police investigation in state history and drawing national attention to the case, her mother will go to probate court seeking to have a judge formally declare the child dead.

Trista Reynolds and her family have said a court ruling declaring Ayla dead is necessary to “preserve the rights of Ayla’s estate” to bring a lawsuit. That probate court hearing is set for Sept. 21.