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Bizarre Developments In Katherine Jackson Elder Abuse Case


May 18, 2017

Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse case against nephew Trent Jackson just took an expected turn. The matriarch – who happens to be the owner of the Calabasas estate of the Jackson clan – has been MIA for months, and now she has seemingly dropped her elder abuse case. Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse case is seeing bizarre developments as cracks deepen in the Jackson clan. Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine, who has been trying to get a restraining order against her nephew Trent for allegedly abusing her and stealing from her, is losing her legal battle. The judge dismissed Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse case after her lawyers claimed the matriarch was unprepared to go forward with it.


Cases of elderly financial abuse are on the rise.

Evening Echo Cork

May 19, 2017

PAUL rang the Age Action helpline because his 80-year-old father, who lived alone, was being forced to withdraw money from his bank account and give it to Paul’s sister.

When Paul asked his father about it, he said that she had shouted at him and threatened to put him in a nursing home if he didn’t give her the money.


Man’s companion entitled to compensation for services, COA rules (IN)

Indiana Lawyer

May 19, 2017

An Indiana probate court correctly allowed a woman’s partial claim for compensation for 14 years of household and medical services to a man she considered a “loving companion,” the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Friday, finding the woman had rebutted the presumption her services were gratuitous.

After George Henry’s wife, Phyllis, developed cystic fibrosis, he hired Nadene Woods to work as his wife’s assistant for four days a week at a rate of $150 per week. When Phyllis Henry died in February 1998, Woods began taking on household duties for the widower.


Prince’s six siblings declared official heirs to his still-uncounted estate


May 19, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota probate judge overseeing the late Prince’s estate has declared his six siblings are the heirs to the multiple millions of dollars he left behind.

In a ruling made public Friday, Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide declared that Prince Rogers Nelson died without a will and that his sister, Tyka Nelson, and five half-siblings are his heirs.


Having an undue influence on wills (UK)

Newbury Weekly News Group

May 19, 2017

THE High Court ruled last week in favour of the widow of a fund-manager, who died in 2013, leaving an estate valued at £18m.

Richard Thornton executed a will in 2009, leaving half of his estate to his second wife, with the remaining half being held in trust for his family, including his three adult children from his first marriage and grandchildren.