Estate of Denial news clips (5/08/17)

Grand Jury Witness: McIver’s Slain Wife Had a Second Will (GA)

Daily Report

May 1, 2017

Before Atlanta lawyer Claud “Tex” McIver was charged with malice murder in the shooting death of his wife, an office bookkeeper told a county grand jury that Diane McIver had drawn up a new will and given it to her to copy.

County prosecutors contend in court papers that the existence of that purported new will—which has not been found—would have deprived her husband of gifts made to him under the terms of wife Diane McIver’s 2006 will and provided a motive for her death.


Are probate claims being used to take Michigan homes from rightful heirs?


May 2, 2017

(WXYZ) – The 7 Investigators first exposedhow some public officials and real estate brokers are cashing in by selling homes after someone dies, often leaving the rightful heirs with very little in the estate.

Now 7 Investigator Heather Catallo has found out that this is happening even when an heir is making tax payments in the hopes of keeping the property.


Why disputes over wills are on the increase (UK)

International Adviser

May 2, 2017

It is difficult to open a newspaper these days without reading about disinherited relatives challenging the will of a loved one alongside reports of a rise in the number of diagnoses of dementia being made, says Gareth Ledsham, partner at law firm Russell-Cooke.

Is there any truth in this? And if so, what are the implications, and can anything be done about it?