Estate of Denial news clips (4/14/17)

New York Banking Royalty’s Heirs Are Unloading Art to Save the Family Estate


April 4, 2017

Beyond the formal gardens, past sculpted terraces and ornate fountains, rises Wethersfield — the country estate of what was once one of America’s wealthiest families.

There, among rolling hills 95 miles north of New York, a grandson of James Jewett Stillman, head of the bank that would grow into Citigroup Inc., envisioned his private Eden — a redoubt of horse-drawn carriages, strutting peacocks and Gilded Age splendor.

But today, like characters out of Evelyn Waugh, Stillman’s heirs are fighting to preserve their beloved Wethersfield in an age of cold financial reality. The estate, once thought to be safeguarded, is running dangerously low. Over the years, trustees of the Homeland Foundation entrusted to preserve Wethersfield trifled away millions, according to a state investigation.


Former assistant Windham County judge loses appeal of probate decision (VT)

April 4, 2017

BELLOWS FALLS — A former assistant judge awaiting a decision from the Judicial Conduct Board was served with a setback last week when a Windsor Superior Court judge dismissed his appeal of a Windsor Probate Court decision.

According to court documents, Paul Kane had asked Windsor Probate Court Judge Joanne Ertel to award him possession of a home in Bellows Falls or allow him to live in it for the time being as a tenant. The problem for Kane, however, is that he is the subject of a complaint filed with the Judicial Conduct Board, alleging he abused the power of attorney granted to him by Catherine Tolaro four years before she died in April 2014. Tolaro was the owner of the home in question.