Estate of Denial news clips (4/12/17)

Billionaire University Benefactor ‘Hired a Hit Man to Kill His Eldest Son After He Was Kicked Out of the Family’s Investment Company’ (UK)

Daily Mail

April 2, 2017

A billionaire businessman who was previously sued by his ex-wife over a multi-million dollar donation to his alma mater is now being accused of putting a hit on his eldest son following a family dispute.

Robert Foisie, 82, reportedly paid a Boston man a $200,000  ’down payment’ to kill, or find someone to kill his son Michael, after the children chose to remove Robert from the managing position of a family investment company.


New inheritance tax rules: Help for families hit by death duty – but there’s a catch (UK)

April 6, 2017

From April 6, the inheritance tax allowance will become more generous for higher value homeowners, helping people to pass on more of their wealth to loved ones.

Under current rules, assets of more than £325,000 are subject to inheritance duty at stinging rate of £40,000.

In recent years, rising house prices have dragged more people into paying the tax.