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Katherine Jackson Grandson to Settle Family War


March 3, 2017

Katherine Jackson‘s fate and fortune may lie in the hands of one of her grandsons … TMZ has learned.

Trent Jackson, Michael’s cousin, and his attorney Ron Rale want TJ Jackson, Michael’s nephew, to sit down with Katherine alone and decide who’s the victim and who’s the villain in what has become a family war.

TMZ broke the story … Katherine has filed a legal doc claiming Trent has committed elder abuse against her and fleeced her to boot. But, we’ve now learned Trent and his lawyer have a plan to put the dispute to bed and, at the same time, cast suspicion on the motive of other Jackson relatives.


NBA: Family fight over Lakers ownership goes, briefly, to court

Salt Lake Tribune

March 3, 2017

Los Angeles • Jeanie Buss went to court Friday to stop what her attorneys call an attempt by brothers Jim and Johnny Buss to oust her as controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, an allegation the brothers’ attorneys say has no basis in reality.

The matter came to a quick end when Jeanie Buss withdrew her request for a temporary restraining in Los Angeles County Superior Court after the brothers dropped their request for a board meeting she felt was a move against her, but it may just be the opening skirmish in a bigger family fight over one of the most-storied franchises in sports. A larger lawsuit in probate court is pending.


Paulucci heirs look to end battle over estate (FL/MN)

Duluth News Tribune

March 5, 2017

A food fortune feud is starting to ring up an awfully large tab.

Since Jeno and Lois Paulucci died in 2011, their heirs and trustees have drained millions of dollars from the estate fighting over the family finances.

Now, according to court filings, the Paulucci family has reached a potential settlement that could end the bitter battle at last.