Estate of Denial news clips (12/12/16)

Prince: Lawyers Haul in Millions Off Death


December 1, 2016

It pays to be Prince‘s lawyers … they’re raking in a ton of cash for handling the late singer’s estate and legal issues.

The special administrator handling Prince’s estate — Bremer Trust — filed docs asking the court to approve more than $2.3 million in bills racked up from July 1 through Sept. 30. As the estate describes it … handling “the complexity of the problems involved” doesn’t come cheap, and requires a bunch of high-priced lawyers.


If Your Parent Has a Guardian, Be On Guard

Next Avenue

December 1, 2016

On Wednesday, a federal agency released a report that concluded what surely everyone involved in the guardianship arena already knows: There is too much that we don’t know about the scope of guardian abuse of older adults.

“The extent of elder abuse by guardians nationally is unknown due to limited data on key factors related to elder abuse by a guardian, such as the numbers of guardians serving older adults, older adults in guardianships, and cases of elder abuse by a guardian,” said the Nov. 30 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).


Palos developer’s heirs accused of ‘judge shopping’ in quest to force ex-lawyer to pay $3M for miscues (IL)

Cook County Record

December 1, 2016

A Chicago law firm accused of costing some of the adult children of a prominent Palos Park developer more than $3 million in a years-long legal dispute with their siblings over their father’s estate has asked a judge not to let the accusers simply retreat from the legal action, saying the plaintiffs engaged in “judge shopping in its most brazen form” in trying to sidestep the law firm’s motion to bring the matter to a close for good.

Later this month, Cook County Judge Sanjay Tailor is scheduled to hear arguments on dueling motions to dismiss a lawsuit brought by some of the heirs of south suburban businessman Michael O’Malley against lawyer James Dahl and his firm, Dahl & Bonadies, of Chicago.


Senators, GAO, Decry Elder Financial Abuse by Guardians, Complicit Courts

Financial Advisor

December 1, 2016

Another best practice the GAO urged is for judges to consider less restrictive alternatives for seniors than a guardian—perhaps a caregiver instead.

The GAO advocated criminal background checks for guardians but cautioned these may not be reliable protections since many elder abuse cases are not prosecuted and background checks don’t always identify criminal histories in multiple states.


Diane McIver’s husband plans to sell late wife’s clothes during death investigation (GA)


December 2, 2016


CBS46 has confirmed that Diane McIver’s husband plans to sell his wife’s clothes and jewelry while her death is under investigation.

Tex McIver shot and killed his wife while the two were driving through Atlanta.