Estate of Denial news clips (12/06/16)

Prince: Woman Warns Estate . . . Step Aside, I’m His Wife!


November 28, 2016

Prince was married when he died and wanted all of his money to go exclusively to his wife — according to the alleged wife, who’s now putting his estate on notice.

The woman — Claire Elisabeth Elliott — filed a request for the court to remove Bremer Trust bank as administrator of Prince’s estate, because she believes she should be calling the shots … as his “Sole Heir.”


Chief judge shakes up guardianship system after Post series (FL)

Palm Beach Post

November 29, 2016

Palm Beach County Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath announced Tuesday sweeping changes for guardianship of incapacitated seniors. The actions come amid revelations by The Palm Beach Post that the savings of these elderly wards flow into the household of Circuit Judge Martin Colin via his wife’s work as a professional guardian in his division.

Also Tuesday, Colin announced that he won’t be running for re-election.


R.I. Supreme Court disbars imprisoned Joseph Caramadre

The Providence Journal

November 30, 2016

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The state Supreme Court on Wednesday disbarred Cranston estate planner Joseph Caramadre from the practice of law.

Caramadre is serving a six-year sentence in federal prison after admitting to a multimillion-dollar scheme in which his investors used the identities of terminally ill people to defraud insurance companies.