Estate of Denial news clips (11/11/16)

Owsley estate case dismissed (IN)

The Republic

November 2, 2016

A Marion County Superior Court judge has dismissed an estate filing made earlier this year in Indianapolis on behalf of Logan Owsley in the death of his father, Cary Owsley.

After a Tuesday hearing, Probate Judge Steven R. Eichholtz ruled the letters of administration in the probate case be vacated and the probate filing be dismissed.

Eichholtz ruled that a decision to allow an estate to be opened for Cary Owsley in Marion County was incorrect as the estate assets had been probated and administrated in Bartholomew County courts.


Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Of Lawsuit Challenging Will Of Dr. J. Don Brock (TN)

The Chattanoogan

November 3, 2016

The Tennessee Court of Appeals has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit brought in connection with the will of Dr. J. Don Brock.

The court said, “This is an appeal of an order dismissing a will contest for lack of standing. The contestants sought to challenge the testator?s will, alleging that it was the product of fraud and/or undue influence. The estate introduced multiple prior wills that appeared to be facially valid and properly executed in which all or some of the contestants were disinherited. The Chancery Court found that the contestants would not benefit if the testator?s will was set aside and dismissed the contest for lack of standing. We affirm.”


Eagles’ Randy Meisner legal battle over conservator settled

November 3, 2016

A legal battle over who should serve as a conservator for Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner was settled Thursday when both sides agreed the two men currently serving as the temporary overseers of the entertainer’s personal and business affairs should be given a permanent role.

The resolution means that Meisner’s longtime friend, Arthur Ford, will continue to be responsible for getting proper health care for the 70-year-old bassist and that Meisner’s accountant, Thomas DeLong, will remain in charge of his financial issues.


Ex-lawyer, on probation for forgery-fraud scheme, found dead in San Antonio (TX)

San Antonio Express-News

November 3, 2016

Former lawyer Hilda Valadez, on probation since 2014 for defrauding Bexar County by forging judges’ signatures to overcharge on indigent defense work, was found dead at her residence Monday.

A woman called police after going to her apartment in the 20000 block of Huebner Road to check on her, a police report said. Valadez was in bed, “fully clothed, with her head on the pillow” and had evidently been there for some time, the report stated.