Estate of Denial news clips (10/14/16)

Clinton Estate Tax Plan Would Affect Many Families, Not Just Very Rich

Daily Signal

October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s newly proposed top estate tax rate of 65 percent on $1 billion estates can sound innocuous enough to the average taxpayer. Last year only a handful of estates would have been large enough to have been affected. If that was all there was to the new Clinton estate tax announced in September, most families would be wiser to focus on other things.

But Clinton’s 65 percent estate tax is really just the tip of the iceberg. She also wants to lower the level at which estate taxes become payable to only $3.5 million. By contrast, Donald Trump would eliminate the estate tax.


Laatsch jailed again in Derzon fight (WI)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

October 6, 2016

For the second time in two months, a woman was hauled out of court in handcuffs Thursday as the fight stemming from her failed bid to take control of Derzon Coins continued to get stranger.

In the latest twist in the eight-year court saga over the $3 million Derzon estate, Milwaukee County Court Judge David Borowski cut off Lori Laatsch’s testimony during a hearing over whether she should be held in contempt of court. The judge — who said in court, “I don’t believe much of her testimony today” — ordered her immediately jailed.


Former Ethics Board Chair Being Sued For (INCREDIBLY) Unethical Elder Abuse

The Huffington Post

October 7, 2016

In my 2012 documentary film, Last Will and Embezzlement, Hollywood icon (the late) Mickey Rooney, who had been the victim of elder financial exploitation, warns the audience, “If it can happen to Mickey Rooney, it can happen to anyone.” Today, in Massachusetts, a 28-count elder abuse / elder exploitation lawsuit is pending against an astounding 66 defendants — including 15 attorneys — one of whom, I was appalled to learn, is John O. Mirick (Mirick, O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee), the former Chair of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers (what others would refer to as the Legal Ethics Board).

This landmark lawsuit, filed by Attorneys Coreen Goodwin and James Bailey Brislin, alleges a shocking, even ghoulish RICO scheme to actually imprison an elderly couple in a nursing home for the final, horrific year of their lives, steal their money and property during that year, conceal their wills from the rightful executors, then thoroughly plunder their estates after their deaths, just six days apart.


Former prosecutor, a Merion native, fights back at elder financial abuse

October 7, 2016

She won a conviction of socialite/philanthropist Brooke Astor’s son for financial elder abuse. How could Liz Loewy, Merion native and high-profile prosecutor, top that?

The University of Pennsylvania grad and former attorney with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office joined EverSafe, a company that helps stop financial crimes against the elderly.