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Still no will, but work to settle Prince estate forges ahead

San Antonio Express News

September 25, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Work to settle Prince’s estate is moving forward, and a closed hearing is expected to be held this week to resolve an undisclosed dispute between the likely heirs and the trust company that’s managing the estate. Court papers say only that the dispute involves “confidential business agreements.” Five months after the musician’s death, here’s a look at where things stand:


No will has surfaced since Prince died of an accidental painkiller overdose in April, so his sister, Tyka Nelson, and five half-siblings are likely to be declared the rightful heirs within the next few months. Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide has not made an official declaration or said when he will. He has rejected numerous claims by people who said they were Prince’s children, wives and cousins, or that they otherwise deserved a piece his estate. The main question remaining is whether a woman and girl who claim to be Prince’s niece and grandniece are entitled to shares. The judge plans to hold one or two hearings on that in November.



September 26, 2016

Some voters say they will move to Canada if Trump is elected. Others say they will move if Clinton is elected. People who say they will leave may not be serious, and even if they are, they probably mean a temporary visit. A few Hollywood stars could make a statement, but they will still have to file their IRS Form 1040 every year with the IRS. Unless you renounce U.S. citizenship, you must still report worldwide income to the IRS. And taxes are big this election year.