Estate of Denial news clips (6/24/16)

The Spirit of American Slavery Lives On in Probate Court

April 8, 2016

Marcia DiZenzo was only 46 years old when she says she fell ill and was admitted to a hospital in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. That was some four years ago and DiZenzo was never returned to her rented condo near the beach.

Instead, she says she walked out as a ward of the state of Florida under the command of a professional guardian.


Battles Coming For Muhammad Ali Estate, But It Should Emerge Victorious


June 16, 2016

Muhammad Ali was never one to shy away from battles.  From heavyweight champions in the boxing ring to the United States Government, and to the ravaging effects of Parkinson’s disease, Ali continued to fight.  Now there are growing fears that battles will follow him into the grave, with mounting reports of trouble on the horizon for his estate and his legacy.

The circumstances are ripe for an estate battle.  Muhammad Ali fathered nine recognized children (including his adopted son from his most recent marriage) over the course of four different marriages.  Estate disputes between children from prior marriages and the surviving spouse are the most common source of trouble in probate courts across our country.  Add in the reality of Ali’s long-standing struggles with Parkinson’s disease — which can have not only physical effects but mental, as well — and there is a strong possibility that unhappy heirs may file challenges in court.


Family feud over Martin Luther King’s Bible, Nobel Prize moves closer to trial

Fox News

June 16, 2016

ATLANTA –  An ownership dispute over the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Nobel Peace Prize and traveling Bible is one step closer to trial.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney declined to rule Thursday in the dispute over the two items that has effectively pitted King’s two sons against his daughter. That means the case will likely go to trial unless the parties reach a settlement.


Georgia Supreme Court to hear fight over will

The Augusta Chronicle

June 16, 2016

The Georgia Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in an Au­gusta case in which a woman is challenging the legitimacy of her brother’s will that left $500,000 to his guardian and the owners of the personal care home where he lived.

Judith Webb appealed the July 23 decision by the Richmond County probate judge to admit her brother’s will to probate.


Prince Estate Names 2 to Manage Entertainment Assets

The New York Times

June 17, 2016

After Prince died on April 21, one of the most urgent questions for the music industry was how quickly the estate could hire professionals to handle the star’s vast collection of songs and other media content.

The answer was two months. On Friday, Bremer Trust, a Minnesota bank that is acting as the special administrator for Prince’s estate, confirmed that it had appointed two seasoned executives, L. Londell McMillan and Charles A. Koppelman, to manage Prince’s entertainment assets, according to Marcia A. Jensen, a spokeswoman for the bank.