Estate of Denial news clips (6/22/16)

The Probate Court’s Dirty Secret That’s Robbing the Elderly in Retirement

February 26, 2016

Kathleen Dunn’s mother Jacqueline Scott was placed under the care of a professional fiduciary in Florida after a sibling filed in probate court to be her guardian. When a Pinellas County Judge began to restrict visitation with her then 82-year-old mother, Dunn filed a complaint.

“I was under the impression that we lived in America and this is the land of the free but I had no idea that people were being legally kidnapped to be robbed of all their assets and Constitutional rights,” Dunn said.


The difference between the candidates on the death tax is rather stark

Hot Air

June 14, 2016

There’s been so much exciting campaign news (Trumptastic) overlapping with so much disaster (terrorism avalanche) that it’s easy to forget that we used to get together here and discuss boring things like policy and good governance. In an effort to pause from the circus, here’s a short look at what we might expect from each of the candidates on a subject which has long been near and dear to the hearts of fiscal conservatives: the Death Tax. Democrats love it and Republicans hate it. Of course, in a strange election cycle such as this one, who knows what’s coming?

The Tax Foundation has been examining the question and found that of the three theoretical remaining candidates (because Sanders hasn’t officially bowed out yet) we’re seeing pretty much the spread you would expect in a more “normal” election year.


Richie Benaud widow, ex-wife and son settle estate dispute (AUS)

The Sydney Morning Herald

June 15, 2016

The widow, ex-wife and eldest son of legendary Australian cricketer Richie Benaud have avoided going to trial and reached an agreement in their fight over his estate.

Benaud’s widow Daphne was being sued by his former wife Marcia and their eldest son together Gregory over his estate in the NSW Supreme Court.


Redstones Plan to Ask Massachusetts Court to Dismiss Viacom CEO Lawsuit

June 15, 2016

Lawyers for Shari Redstone and Sumner Redstone plan to ask a Massachusetts probate court on Thursday to dismiss a case filed last month by Viacom (VIAB) CEO Philippe Dauman and another board member to have them reinstated to the trust that controls the elder Redstone’s $40 billion media empire, according to a source close to the discussions.

The Redstones are expected to ask Probate Judge George Phelan to dismiss the suit brought last month by Dauman and Viacom director George Abrams in which they contend that Sumner Redstone, 93 and ailing, has been a victim of the “undue influence” of his daughter Shari Redstone, Viacom’s vice-chairman and a director. Lawyers for Dauman and Abrams asked the Massachusetts court to have an independent examination made of Redstone, Viacom’s chairman emeritus.


Sumner Redstone Says He No Longer Trusts Viacom Board or CEO

The Wall Street Journal

June 15, 2016

Viacom Inc. controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone said he doesn’t trust the company’s board of directors or its Chairman and Chief Executive Philippe Dauman.

In an email Wednesday to Viacom board member Frederic Salerno in response to a request for a meeting, Mr. Redstone said the board and Mr. Dauman are ignoring his wishes and he doesn’t think the board or the company is acting in the best interest of shareholders.


Judge Declines to Rule in Dispute Over MLK Bible, Nobel

ABC News

June 16, 2016

An ownership dispute over the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Nobel Peace Prize and traveling Bible is one step closer to trial.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney declined to rule Thursday in the dispute over the two items that has effectively pitted King’s two sons against his daughter. That means the case will likely go to trial unless the parties reach a settlement.