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Guardianship in the U.S.: Protection or Exploitation?

Forbes/Next Avenue

May 23, 2016

(Editor’s note: This is Part 1 of a three-part series on guardianship abuses appearing this week on Next Avenue.)

Ginger Franklin was just shy of her 50th birthday when she fell down the stairs of her Nashville-area townhouse in 2008. A marketing representative for Sam’s Club, she was taken to the hospital with a severe brain injury. Doctors weren’t sure if she would survive.

Since Franklin had not designated anyone to make decisions for her if she became incapacitated, and with no immediate family, her aunt was advised to petition the court for a guardian. The guardian, a lawyer appointed by the county, placed her in a group home for seriously mentally ill adults.


Guardianship Laws: Improving, But Problems Persist

Forbes/Next Avenue

May 24, 2016

Cases of abusive guardianships have made headlines for decades. Horrific tales — of relatives fighting over Mom to access her savings, professional guardians draining an estate through exorbitant fees or nursing homes filing for guardianship to keep their beds filled — have been all too common.

When a judge imposes legal guardianship or conservatorship, everything changes.


Judge gives Sam DuBose’s 13 children $218K each (OH)

May 23, 2016

Sam DuBose’s 13 children will each receive nearly $218,000 for their share of a multi-million-dollar wrongful death settlement, a Hamilton County probate judge ruled Monday.

Judge Ralph “Ted” Winkler also said DuBose’s six siblings will each receive $32,000. DuBose’s mother, Audrey DuBose, will receive $90,000. His father, Sam Johnson, will receive $25,000.


Viacom’s Philippe Dauman sues to get back on Sumner Redstone trust

Los Angeles Times

May 23, 2016

Media mogul Sumner Redstone for years has lavished praise on his protégé, Philippe Dauman, calling him “the wisest man I have ever known,” and trusting him with the keys to his corporate kingdom.

Not anymore. The ailing mogul abruptly removed Dauman from his family trust last week, suggesting that Redstone’s next step might be to use his clout as controlling shareholder of Viacom to push Dauman out as chairman and chief executive of the struggling media company.


Hillary and Bill Clinton dodge ‘death taxes’ by putting their home into trusts

Daily Mail

May 23, 2016

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been using financial planning strategies to reduce their exposure to the so-called ‘death tax’ that she wants to raise, new documents have confirmed.

The couple have created residence trusts for their Chappaqua, New York, home, a tactic often only used among the wealthiest to reduce their estate tax bills and leave hefty gifts for their children.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has been calling for estate tax reform, demanding taxes on high-income and wealthy Americans are raised.