Estate of Denial news clips (5/23/16)

Dixfield cats and caretakers at center of inheritance maelstrom (ME)

Press Herald

May 16, 2o16

DIXFIELD — In an unremarkable and sparsely furnished trailer in this Oxford County town live roughly two dozen cats no one wants. Black cats with white tails. Gray tabbies with shifty eyes. Boxes of kitty litter everywhere.

There weren’t always that many. It was just a few to start, but word got out.

Five local women – sisters Brenda Jarvis and Caroline Smith along with Donna Weston, Noreen Clarke and Valerie Warriner – have been keeping the trailer as a de facto cat shelter for decades. Over the years, the two sisters and three other local women have kept things going, often by opening their own pocketbooks. They are known, affectionately, as the Dixfield Cat Ladies.


Minnesota judge sets procedure for vetting potential Prince heirs


May 16, 2016

CHASKA, Minn. (KMSP) – Carver County Judge Kevin Eide has set a 3-step procedure that anyone claiming to be an heir to the estate of Prince must complete, including DNA testing. The court order follows a claim from a Colorado prison inmate who believes he is the biological son of Prince, and a document that suggests Prince has another long-lost family member.

A lawyer for Prince’s deceased half-brother filed a document on Friday, May 13, saying Duane Nelson had a daughter who is now 11 years old and may be a legal heir to the estate.


Tom Benson claims courtroom victory allowing lawsuit against two trustees to proceed (TX/LA)

San Antonio Express-News

May 16, 2016

New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson claimed a big victory when a Louisiana federal court judge ruled that his lawsuit against two trustees who have been blocking his transfer of assets and interests in his teams from the trusts of his disowned heirs.

The Sports Business Daily reports that Benson trustees Mary Rowe and San Antonio lawyer Robert Rosenthal had declined to sign off on the move, arguing that the 88-year-old billionaire could not simply substitute promissory notes for the interests in the team. They had asked the court to dismiss Benson’s case.


Tom Benson had ‘unilateral power’ to remove Saints, Pelicans from heirs’ trusts, judge rules (TX/LA)

The Times-Picayune

May 16, 2016

Tom Benson had “unilateral power” to remove shares in the Saints and Pelicans from his estranged family’s trust funds in exchange for promissory notes and other assets last year, a federal judge ruled Monday (May 16).

The lawsuit over the trade, scheduled for trial June 20, will now focus on confirming that the assets being traded are of equal value, U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo wrote.