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Who Gets Prince’s Money? After Death, Singer Net Worth, Estate Now Up For Grabs

IB Times

April 21, 2016

The death Thursday of Grammy Award-winning musician Prince presents a number of questions. Aside from how he died, it was also not immediately clear who stands to inherit his fortune, which is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Prince, 57, died in his home state of Minnesota, where, in the absence of a will, inheritance laws determine how an estate is divided. He reportedly died at his estate, Paisley Park, which includes a sprawling recording studio and other buildings on a considerable stretch of land. Those properties are undoubtedly worth millions and may even become more valuable because his death occurred there.


Dallas Jury Invalidates Wife’s Deathbed Will Signed Under Husband’s Undue Influence (TX)

PR Newswire

April 22, 2016

DALLAS, April 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A Dallas County probate court jury unanimously found that a 72-year-old husband improperly influenced his dying wife to sign a new will the day before she died. The new will gave her second husband effective control over his wife’s assets in a family trust, contrary to an earlier will his wife had signed in 1992 that designated the family trust to primarily benefit her children from her first marriage.

Jean Knight Baty, 68, died in her Turtle Creek high-rise in January 2014, following a debilitating illness that left her in declining physical health for several years. The jury heard testimony that Ms. Baty’s husband of 24 years, Donald Baty, called an attorney the morning his wife was admitted to hospice care to bring over a will for execution.


Judge says ex-manager can depose Britney Spears

April 22, 2016

A judge granted a motion by lawyers for Britney Spears’ self-described former manager to depose the singer in a retrial of a lawsuit against the pop star and her father, but under certain rules that include prohibiting the plaintiff from having any contact with the entertainer.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Barbara Meiers set the rules during a hearing Wednesday and her order stated they were based “largely on agreement between the parties.”


The Management of Dissent: How to Destroy an Activist

New Eastern Outlook

April 24, 2016

While the West, and the United States in particular, has repeatedly voiced criticism over human rights abuses in other countries, the US’s own record in terms of detaining and incarcerating dissidents is now becoming conspicuous.

In presenting a recent report on human rights issues, US Secretary of State John Kerry stated: “Here is the truth, we believe: A government that fails to respect human rights, no matter how lofty its pretentions, has very little to boast about, to teach, and very little indeed in the way of reaching its full potential.”