Estate of Denial news clips (3/31/16)

Senate Bill Would Bar Non-Citizens, Undocumented Residents From Becoming Legal Guardians (OK)


March 26, 2016

When it comes to who becomes the guardian of a minor or an incapacitated person, Oklahoma’s court system has the final say. But a bill by state Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid, would prevent non-citizens from becoming a guardian.

Senate Bill 902 also puts the same restrictions on people who aren’t legal residents of the United States. Anderson told The Journal Record’s Dale Denwalt one of his constituents, who’s a judge, was worried after being approached by several people seeking guardianship in his courtroom.


Former Medford Police Detective Files Lawsuit for Defamation of Reputation (OR)


March 27, 2016

A former Medford police detective is fighting back against a woman who accused her of exploiting a man with dementia for financial gain.

Susan Campbell Calzaretta filed a defamation lawsuit Thursday, contending Diane Miller and her lawyer Tara Lawrence falsely accused her of committing financial elder abuse and the resulting news coverage damaged her reputation.


Dead Lawyer’s Body — Moved Twice Already — Subject Of Cross-Border Custody Battle (TX)

Above the Law

March 28, 2016

Surely this is how every successful attorney wishes to be remembered: with contentious litigation over his remains after being disinterred and moved twice already. For a man once dubbed “King of Torts” by Forbes, transforming your own earthly remains into a seven-years-and-counting Bleak House battle is a shockingly meta tribute to the profession.

Texas attorney John O’Quinn died in a car accident in 2009 and threw his estate into a bitter battle between the woman he’d lived with for years, Darla Lexington, and his aunt and cousin who claim to be his rightful heirs, writing off Lexington as “nothing but a live-in mistress.” Not to be ageist here, but this isn’t some Anna Nicole Smith marrying a 90-year-old situation — O’Quinn would be 74 today and Lexington is 64 — so throwing around rhetorically charged terms like “live-in mistress” seems a bit much. Still, O’Quinn and Lexington never did get married, and if you’re going to go that route, you have to accept that things are going to get a little sticky when one of you dies.


Judge Allows Michael Jackson’s Ex-Manager to Amend Complaint Against Estate

The Hollywood Reporter

March 29, 2016

Michael Jackson’s estate and his former manager Tohme Tohme will see another day in court, after a judge granted the estate’s motion to strike in its entirety but gave Tohme’s attorneys 10 days to amend their complaint.

The motion to strike centers on attorneys fees, which Tohme argues he’s entitled to under an indemnity agreement with Jackson. The estate holds that clause only applies to Tohme defending against or investigating third-party claims relating to powers of attorney.