Probate abuse clips from (9/28/15)

Millionaire widow loses battle in guardianship struggle with sons (TX)

San Antonio Express-News

September 26, 2015

You could spend a few years observing court hearings and never see anything more awkward than the scene I witnessed Tuesday morning.

Seated side by side at a small table in Probate Court No. 2, you had two attorneys: Phil Ross and Carmen Samaniego. Based on their physical proximity, you’d naturally assume that Ross and Samaniego were legal partners collaborating on a case.

And it’s true that they share the same client. But Ross and Samaniego were battling against each other, like coaching rivals forced to share the same sideline.

It was merely the latest turn in the bitter case involving millionaire widow (and prominent local philanthropist) Hattie Poole. Poole, 85, is fighting for control of her life in a guardianship battle that has pitted her against her three middle-aged sons.

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