Ranking on Texas’ litigation environment worsens

A new national ranking suggests generally improved views of state legal climates, yet the Lone Star State’s litigation environment doesn’t fare so well.

For its 2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform commissioned the Harris Poll to examine the levels of fairness and reasonability with which U.S. businesses perceive their states’ tort liability systems.

Texas was ranked #40, down from #36 in the last two surveys (2012 and 2010). Delaware took the top position followed by Vermont, Nebraska, Iowa and New Hampshire. West Virginia was #50 with Alabama, California, Illinois and Louisiana rounding out the bottom tier.

East Texas was most frequently cited (26 percent) when respondents were asked about problematic cities/counties for contract and tort litigation actions. Other “worst jurisdictions” included Chicago or Cook County, Illinois (20 percent); Los Angeles, California (16 percent); Madison County, Illinois (16 percent); and New Orleans or Orleans Parish, Louisiana (15 percent).

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