Oklahoma’s Glossip case: Irreversible mistake on top of misjustice?

Richard Glossip is scheduled to be executed by the state of Oklahoma on Sept. 16. A Dr. Phil episode highlighting his case aired early last week. Years of following probate abuse – the corruption surrounding probate courts and the calculated misuse of legal instruments like wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney – have left a deeply cynical view of the legal industry as often communicated here at Estate of Denial®.

The experience several years ago as one of the first bloggers writing about Michael Morton, the central Texas man fraudulently convicted for his wife’s murder by a Williamson County court and wrongfully incarcerated for nearly 25 years, only intensified those existing views of today’s “justice” system.

With that, the argument for a review of Glossip’s case as presented on this Dr. Phil episode seems highly credible and worthy of further investigation.

Click here for other show clips and information on the case of Richard Glossip.

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