Texas cities offer immigration sanctuary

Sanctuary cities, along with select counties and even states, often shield criminal aliens from federal immigration law enforcement including deportation actions. They are the focus of new nationwide controversy as an alleged illegal alien suspect arrested in the murder of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old woman shot dead July 1 in San Francisco, appears to have been protected by such policy. As Texas has numerous locales reportedly observing some version of sanctuary policy, similar controversy in the Lone Star State is unlikely to wane.

Locales enact sanctuary policy in different ways.  Government entities may codify their policies, though others often take a more informal, but nonetheless effective and recognizable approach. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” tactics in which law enforcement refrains from immigration status inquiries are not uncommon. Sanctuary city lists vary as identification of informal policy users are more challenging to track.

A new Center for Immigration Studies report details the use of sanctuary policy throughout the U.S. Though it shows Austin as Texas’ only sanctuary city, others qualify for the list.

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  • cindy

    boys and girls ?
    IF you have one sanctuary city, you have a sanctuary STATE.
    do people believe these illegals only stay in that zipcode under a form of “house arrest”? and at the end of the day, where IS that funding for emergency medicaid coming from ?
    the city ?? LOL
    and understand the scope of emergency medicaid-covers their ER visits for anything be it a broken nail or a quadruple bypass etc etc
    the term sanctuary city is and has been another lie as it is all one huge JOKE on the backs of the taxpayers.
    there are NO sanctuary cities.
    only sanctuary states where the federal laws CANNOT BE ENFORCED.