Will California vaccine mandate prompt action in Texas?

This is an issue to watch. Not like plenty of people haven’t been for many years, but it seems destined to ratchet up to new levels.

From Watchdog Arena:

An array of vaccination bills failed to gain traction in the recent Texas legislative session, but sentiments similar to California’s newly passed measure “designed to raise immunization rates in under-vaccinated pockets of the state” are already being seen in the state Capitol. Austin Regional Clinic, the area’s largest private clinic system, is significantly tightening its immunization protocols.

Following a late 2014, measles outbreak at Disneyland, California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a controversial bill imposing one of the country’s strictest school vaccination laws.

California health officials maintain that despite the state’s herd immunity – numbers of vaccinated individuals required to adequately prevent major spreading of disease – remaining intact, a decline in suburban immunization numbers could threaten this status.

With this new law, California joins West Virginia and Mississippi as the only states in which children can no longer avoid immunizations through use of personal-belief exemptions. The Associated Press reports that while medical exemptions remain available for children with serious health issues, the 2016-17 school year will mandate homeschooling for children without medical exemptions, but still refusing vaccinations.

Full vaccination by kindergarten and seventh grade, the state’s two vaccine checkpoints, will be required for unvaccinated children currently operating under a personal-belief exemption. In addition to public and private schools, daycare centers are also subject to these requirements.

Meanwhile, though Texas currently allows medical as well as conscientious exemption waivers for those seeking to avoid vaccines, Austin Regional Clinic says altering its immunization policy is based on safety concerns related to both patient treatment and the facilities in which treatment occurs.

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