Patrick Swayze’s family is at war with his widow — This time, they’re feuding over his estate

It’s been more than five years since Patrick Swayze passed away, but he still can’t rest peacefully — as his family and his widow, Lisa Niemi, are at war over the late actor’s ranch, Rancho Bizarro!

A new report by Radar Online alleges the Dirty Dancing actor’s family wanted to turn his beloved ranch into a museum to honor the actor’s legacy — but Lisa didn’t respect their wishes, and instead sold the property!

“Lisa sold everything — including the Mercedes that [Patrick] bought her from his Road House [earnings],” his niece, Danielle Swayze, explains.

Danielle lived on the estate, located outside LA, with her father (Patrick’s brother Don) in the final year of her late uncle’s life. He passed away at age 57 on Sept. 14, 2009 after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.

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A family insider tells Radar just how hard the family is taking it, saying, “It’s a slap in the face to Patrick’s fans. And to not even give the Swayze family anything is just cold-hearted.”

The Swayze family tried their hardest to buy the property with last-minute offers, but Lisa wouldn’t budge.

Danielle says her former aunt wasn’t merely looking to cash out — as money isn’t an issue since she tied the knot with billionaire jeweler Albert De Prisco last year.

And it would appear the Swayzes lost their chance. The property now belongs to philanthropist Aileen Getty, who has no interest in turning the ranch into a museum.

Getty’s attorney tells Radar that while she knew it belonged to the late actor, she was unaware of the family’s pursuit to buy the estate.

When asked if she would consider making the ranch a museum dedicated to Patrick’s legacy, her lawyer, John Ladner, remarked, “She’s not really looking for new commitments at the moment.”


Patrick Swayze’s Family Is At War With His Widow — This Time, They’re Feuding Over His Estate (REPORT)
Carly Sitzer
June 24, 2015