Might Texans still see property tax relief?

As Texans continue waiting for property tax relief to materialize, here’s a recap of what’s at issue.

From Watchdog Arena:

Believe it or not, experts agree that the economically thriving state of Texas has a property tax problem.

With only two weeks left, whether the Texas Legislature will deliver property tax relief is yet to be seen, although compromise negotiations are reportedly ongoing.

The Pew Charitable Trusts recently noted a nationwide trend in which property taxes are rising faster than inflation. Pew’s analysis found median property taxes rising 57 percent from $1,334 in 2000 to $2,090 in 2013. Inflation during the same period, however, grew only 35 percent.

And though Texas’ $2,510 median annual property tax bill may seem slight compared to states like New Jersey ($7,331 median), Connecticut ($5,280 median) or New York ($4559), it’s still an issue.

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