Ex-Toledoan in fraud case is released from jail (OH)

A former Toledo man accused of conspiring with two others to draw up a fake will to gain control of a $2.2 million estate has been released from jail.

U.S. District Judge James Carr on Thursday put Kurt Mallory, 51, in the third-party custody of his sister who lives in Santa Claus, Ind. He was ordered by the court to not leave the county where she lives.

Mr. Mallory, Margaret McKnight, and Toledo lawyer Susan Pioch each face one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, 21 counts of bank fraud, seven counts of mail fraud, one count of aggravated identity theft, and additional counts of money laundering for allegedly filing a forged will in Lucas County Probate Court to control the estate of Martin Fewlas.

According to a federal indictment, Mr. Fewlas executed a will in 1993 that left his entire estate to a nephew.

After he died in 2010, Mr. Mallory and Ms. McKnight, the upstairs tenants of his 2557 Broadway duplex, allegedly forged a new will in Mr. Fewlas’ name. That will was drafted and filed by Ms. Pioch with the Lucas County Probate Court.

Judge Carr also allowed for Mr. Mallory to fly to Phoenix to attend the deposition of his father, Gary Mallory, who pleaded guilty in January to conspiracy to commit mail fraud in federal court in Phoenix. He has not been sentenced. The deposition is to be used for the trial of Kurt Mallory and the others.

Mr. Mallory, 51, who moved from Toledo to Titusville, Fla., was arrested by FBI agents in Florida after the indictment was unsealed in February. He was returned to Ohio in March and arraigned.


Ex-Toledoan in fraud case is released from jail
April 24, 2015
The Blade

  • Sam

    I hope you get what is coming to you Mr. Mallory and the rest of you too………………..