City of Austin weighs in on communication, female leadership in government (TX)

Lots is happening these days in Austin. This just couldn’t be ignored.

From Watchdog Arena:

Political correctness creating insult and offense best describes the response to a March 27 city of Austin-organized training session entitled “The Changing Dynamics in Governance: Women Leading in Local Government.”

Scheduled in response to the preponderance of women on Austin’s newly-elected city council, the event was to aid with what city staffers evidently perceive as a new organizational dynamic.

Though a video of the two-hour training session has been removed from the city’s website, the Austin American-Statesman broke the story offering perspective from the session’s first speaker, Jonathan K. Allen, a Lauderdale Lakes  city manager in Florida whose expertise is reportedly based on his local city commission’s all-female composition.

Per the Statesman, his presentation included:

Read more at Watchdog Arena.

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