Judge Early responds to South Carolina Supreme Court’s request for information (SC)

BAMBERG, S.C. (WRDW) — South Carolina’s Supreme Court Justices are getting answers about the status of legal battles involving James Brown’s estate.

In a letter dated May 6, 2015, Judge Jack Early addressed multiple parts of the case including the paternity of James Brown II and whether Tommie Rae Brown was married to James Brown when he died.

The state Supreme Court wanted Judge Early to provide all rulings, filings, pending cases since May 2013. The Justices made the request after they decided to get involved in the case in February.

In his response, Judge Early declared DNA testing confirmed with 99.99% probability that James Brown II is the son of James Brown.

He goes on to say that all paternity testing requested has been completed.

As for whether Tommie Rae Brown is the surviving spouse of James Brown, Judge Early issued an order on January 13, 2015 that said the two were married when Brown died in December 2006. Judge Early said motions have been filed to reconsider that ruling, but he is waiting for the South Carolina Supreme Court’s decision before those appeals will be heard.

In his letter, Judge Early informed the Justices about how “complicated, challenging, diverse, contested, interesting, and time consuming” the legal fights involving Brown’s estate has been. The Judge said he is confident his management of this case has set it up to put all issues to bed once and for all.

The South Carolina Supreme Court will rule on these decisions, but no timeline is available on when that may happen.

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Judge Early responds to South Carolina Supreme Court’s request for information
May 12, 2015