‘Liberty City’ movement finding home in Texas

Another one from the limited government/personal liberty front.

From Watchdog Arena:

Texans take freedom seriously. And despite a penchant for doing things “big,” big, intrusive government is one thing they’ve historically resisted.

With this, the growing appeal of “Liberty Cities” – a new municipal government structure based on maintaining limited government, pro-free market policies and protecting the rights of its citizens – is no surprise.

“Liberty Cities take an approach of simple, limited-purpose government providing essential services that don’t regulate or tax the heck out of you,” Jess Fields, Texas Public Policy Foundation senior policy analyst, said. “The concept allows people to be free and prosperous without being in a big city.”

Cities increasingly regulate behaviors – from bans on plastic bags, texting, and fracking, to mandates on the size and type of drink one can order, use of firearms and excessive building codes. Fields contends, “You don’t know what rights you have or don’t have in a big city.”

But big city or small, increased government encroachment is often seen.

“We have this patchwork of regulations,” Fields explained. “The planning community really has designs on the lives of our citizens while people in Texas just want to be left alone by overreaching government.”

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