Texas officials loosen grip on ‘everyone’s private driver’ Uber

Many of us who value free markets, competition and  civil liberties have taken special interest in ride-booking companies’ entry into Texas markets.

From Watchdog Arena:

While Texas prides itself on being an economic freedom stronghold, local governments’ resistance to Uber and other ride-booking companies demonstrate one more liberty-related divergence existing between the state’s private citizens and their public officials.

Whether viewed as a transportation or technology company, businesses like Uber and Lyft have disrupted traditional cab and other ride-for-hire enterprises upon offering market-based transport viewed by an enthusiastic customer base as convenient, affordable, and easily accessible.

Uber consistently positions itself as a tech company, or even a tech platform. After all, it neither employs drivers nor even owns cars. It simply helps fulfill specific consumer demands by connecting riders with independent contract drivers.

In addition to consumer benefits, these new companies create jobs while helping to minimize traffic and reduce impaired driving. These benefits would seem desirable to municipalities, yet resistance has been strong.

With cab companies’ monopolistic nature often enabled by local governments, this new territorial encroachment has pitted government against the governed. Questionable public sector motivations coated with arguments of public safety and security abound.

Uber’s trek into major Texas markets illustrates the various avenues of resistance attempted.

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