Robin Williams’ family prepare to fight for his fortune

The actor’s widow Susan Schneider claims in legal papers that his children from two previous marriages “invaded” her home and took antique Japanese figurines and other valuables.

A counter lawsuit filed by Zak Williams, 31, step-brother Cody, 23, and step-sister Zelda, 25, claims their father left them the possessions but Ms Schneider barred them from the former family home.

Oscar-winner Williams died last August aged 63.

He left most of his estate, jewellery, vintage toys, books, records and showbusiness memorabilia to his children, and the family mansion in San Francisco to graphic designer Ms Schneider, 50, his third wife, plus a trust fund for her.

The Good Will Hunting and Mrs Doubtfire star suffered depression and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease just weeks before he hanged himself.

He also saw his fortune dwindle from £84million and was forced to “downsize” because of enormous alimony payments.

His remaining estate, estimated at £32.5million including a property in California’s Napa Valley wine country, will come under the scrutiny of San Francisco Superior Court on May 30.

Among items both Ms Schneider and his children are claiming are his watches, said to include several rare and valuable timepieces, that she says were not included in jewellery left to his children.

Although her lawsuit acknowledges all his clothes were left to the children, she wants to keep the ring he gave her and the tuxedo he wore for their wedding in 2011.

Zak, Cody, and Zelda’s countersuit, however, claims they were unable to get their father’s possessions because Ms Schneider has “changed all the locks and installed security cameras” at the house.

Their spokesman Allan Mayer said the claim that they took valuables “is both despicable and wholly untrue”, while a long-time friend of Williams said: “This is now a broken family and that would have broken his heart.”


Robin Williams’ family prepare to fight for his fortune
THE family of Robin Williams are to fight a bitter court battle over his £32.5million fortune just months after his suicide.
Mike Parker
February 15, 2015