Texas Taxpayer Savings Grant offers school choice, economic opportunity

Might school choice finally be on its way to Texas? Check out the incredible economic opportunities economist Art Laffer foresees if the Lone Star State moves forward with a proposed Taxpayer Savings Grant Program.

From Watchdog Arena:

The Texas Economy and School Choice, a new Laffer Associates study jointly commissioned by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Texas Association of Business, finds a Taxpayer Savings Grant Program (TSGP) offers important benefit to both Texas school children and the state’s economy.

At a news conference Wednesday, TAB CEO Bill Hammond spoke of the Texas workforce as facing a skills gap. He contended post-secondary education is essential and the public school system is graduating neither enough students nor enough who are career or college-ready.

Hammond described this gap as impactful to both businesses and Texas school children and further noted how competition is essential and competition in schools serves to improve prospects for all involved.

When it comes to universal school choice, taxpayers, employers, kids and the economy win, Hammond said.

With the report’s unveiling and the 84th Texas Legislature soon convening, state Sen. Donna Campbell announced her filing of a Taxpayer Savings Grant bill, legislation the New Braunfels Republican termed a “game changer” turning poor-performing schools into better schools and making good schools even greater.

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