‘America’s Secret Wealth Exchanges’ exposed!

To depict what can fairly be characterized as “The Economic Rape of America,” Har Justice has released a documentary entitled America’s Secret Wealth Exchanges that provides an important look at the greed, corruption and unseemly transfers of America’s wealth occurring through probate courts and frivolous civil litigation.

The project is described as follows:

This documentary is the story of a woman who lost her husband then was plunged into the ugly world of greed, corruption, and legal abuse via unnecessary and predatory litigation. The widow was intentionally kept from mitigating damages to the Estate due to the insider activities between lawyers, and an asset management company. The widow was denied economic and civil rights and half of the assets of the estate were drained from her husband’s estate. This is known as a public, private, partnership scheme. The short film exposes the billions of dollars that are wasted each year and reveals what has been referred to as “The Dead Man’s Scam” and “The Tomb Raider’s Club” and involves attorneys, banks, and YOUR property! Legal fees for probate, divorce, and frivolous litigation add up to $315.5 billion per year.

There are cameos by Professor and Rabbi, Kris McDaniel-Miccio, Athena Roe, Shaun T. Lally, Rosemary Lytle, President of the NAACP, Maureen Grier, Carolyn Cathey, and video clips courtesy of Rod Fisher and Haimo Law. Many people falsely believe that having a Will protects your home and assets. Anyone can die suddenly and this is not an age related topic. While people do not want to think about death, everyone will die. The probate system is predatory and survives largely because we as a society have silly beliefs about death and estate planning. Amy Weinhouse, Howard Hughes, Sonny Bono are well-known figures who died without Wills.

Today, America’s legal system is commonly used as an abusive bludgeon that forces millions of families to ask for government assistance. This timely documentary unravels the little known facts and statistics to viewers and will shock most. The short documentary reveals the often ignored topic of Estate administration and explains why America must wake up and start “watch dogging” the legal system before there is even more dire consequences to America’s families and future.

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